Appreciate, generosity and abundance

Less self service is all about realising that it is not possible to given in completely self less manner because we are operating in this physical world and we do need to have a healthy ego to function. We as humans do have the capacity to…

Reframing a ‘negative pregnancy test’ to ‘an invitation to flow’

These four words, ‘ a negative pregnancy test’, is what stand out when we are trying for a baby and

  • we miss a period,
  • our period is delayed and/or
  • at the end of our two week wait period after our…

Arty Amarisa

💫 Transform Your Life & Empower Others 🤰 Fertility 🧠 Mindset *EFT*Bach Flower Remedies*Hypnoconstellation *Matrix Birth Reimprint *AyurReflexology*CPD

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